Our Mission

We are Errands at Home LLC, passionate coin collectors doing business as USPennyCollection, an established online seller focusing on unsearched wheat penny bags, unsearched wheat penny rolls, wheat BU rolls, Lincoln cent Memorial collection and indian head penny collection.

Most website selling coins offer a relatively short list of selected coin at expensive retail price (Red book). On the other hand eBay has the widest selection of coin for sale on internet but finding the best coin deal on eBay is tedious even for the advanced collector. At www.uspennycollection.com, you will find hundreds of coins at rock bottom prices (CDN greysheet) for their respective grade and appear problem-free with great eye appeal and original color. Most are certified by PCGS, NGC, ANACS or ICG. What literally takes hours of extensive search is now reduced to a matter of few minutes for you. Moreover, our collection is constantly refreshed so make sure you bookmarked our website and come back daily. Clicking on the coin of your choice will redirect you to eBay where you can buy with confidence from experienced seller